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Spider Prop

Here are some pictures of my Spider. I am not extremely pleased with the way this turned out, but as most things, it looks good in the dark (Easy, Sue!)

Spider Frame

The above photo is the frame of the spider. I used flexible drip irrigation 1/2 black pipe. I purchased "T" fittings to make the arch in the body. I am going to fix him for next year by putting more "T's" for his legs to attach to.

Painted Frame

My Dauughter and I decided to paint it Black.

Adding Shredded Coconut Husks

Step #2.
Spray on "Great stuff" (wear gloves) and while it is drying, take coconut husks and shred onto the drying "Great stuff". I purchased a round plant mat at Home Depot and shredded it. (It's made from coconut husk)

Closeup of Spider Back

Here is a close-up of the Spiders's back.

Man playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Finished product mounted in tent...