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Skull Prop

This prop didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it to. I thought I would have more ability to smoothe "Great Stuff". FYI, there is about $30 in Great Stuff on this skull. I am sure if I experiment a little more, I can get it to work.

Skull Frame

I created the frame with regular chicken wire. In order to make the skull round, I used ty-wraps to form the frame and hold it in place. Bailing wire will work as well. The eye sockets needed to be recessed, I cut out round holes in the frame attached the cup like sockets.

Skull Sprayed with Great Stuff

This started as a paper mache project for my daughter and I. Paper mache is to heavy without more support. That's where the $30 in great stuff came into play. We stuffed the skull with newspaper so it wouldn't cost $80 to fill. After it dries, you will need to cut out the great stuff from the eye sockets.

Finished Skull

I decided to create the nose and mouth with Great stuff instead of trying to form it. I think I will try to form it next time. It turned out OK. I am sure some of you Halloween freaks can improve on the process.

Huge Skull Porp form Spirit = $129.00
Troy's model..................= $40.00
Money to spend on other props = $89