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Troy's Halloween Website

Welcome to my Halloween site!

The pic to the right is my little ghoulette. I hope one day she will be as sick about Halloween as her Dad is. She helped me build most of the props and loved painting the tombstones with Dad.

I want to give a special thanks to the Halloween-L dl group. This group has inspired me to build more props, and in an evil demented way... Scare the kids more than I used to.

I always remember the houses that setup a haunt when I was a kid and this is my inspiration to setup a "better than last year" haunt each year.

I would also like to thank my lovely Wife and Daughter for putting up with my nights and weekends building the new props... (If I could only find a way to build them at work!)

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My little ghoulette

The Little Princess... Well 90% of the time that's true.

Mady Spencer and Brandon

Here is Mady and her two Friends Spencer and Brandon...

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