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Haunt 2001
Haunt 2000
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Haunt 2001

Here are some Pics from my Halloween Tent Haunt. A big Thanks to Mike Treadwell for helping me setup H-day as I wouldn't have finished without him.

Empty Tent

A view from the back of the Haunt.

Banner Background

Background I created and had printed on banner vinyl.

Banner Background right side

Right side background.

Cornelius Vanatter

Cornelius Vanatter... I wish I could say I made it!

Flying Crank Ghost

My version of the infamous FCG.

Frankie goes Hollywood

Caged Skellie and Frankie goes Hollywood.

Hanging Pirate

Hanging Pirate... ($5 Mask-$3 cape from Big lots).

Cornelius Van Adder

My Homemade Tombs... I took the fonts from someone on the list, created a landscape doc in Word, and changed font size to 250-400 to get it to fit one page. Taped that to the foam board and routed away...